Alcoholics Anonymous in Carteret County, NC

Temporary Contact Program to Bridge The Gap
Between Treatment Centers To A.A.

for an alcoholic. Many of us had never been sober on the outside, and the first days out were a little frightening. Sometimes, we didn't know if we would stay sober. To help the newly recovering alcoholic, District One offers a Bridge the Gap/Temporary Contact program for individuals nearing their treatment discharge date.

Simply put, a temporary contact is an A.A. member who will help you get to your first AA meetings, introduce you to other AA members, briefly explain AA's twelve step program, explain the idea of sponsorship, acquaint you with AA literature, and answer other questions you may have. Please submit this form at least one week prior to your discharge date to allow us adequate time to staff your request.


I am nearing completion of treatment. I would like to have an AA Temporary Contact in District One, or the towns of Havelock and Swansboro, NC, who will providea link for me to the AA community through meetings and introduction to other AAs.

Carteret County

Carteret County is District 01 in General Service Area 51 of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our District includes meetings in the towns of Straits, Beaufort, Morehead City, Newport, Emerald Isle, Cape Carteret, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach. District 01 now includes 2 Havelock Meetings. See Meetings page for details.